ESSENTIALS CRYSTAL SET. amethyst, untreated citrine, clear quartz, healerite, rose quartz


Essentials Crystal Set

This 6 piece crystal set was created with beginners and collectors in mind! I named this the essentials set as each of these crystals covers such a variety of healing and uses, that they are indispensable. This set includes untreated Citrine, Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Clear quartz and Healerite
More details and metaphysical meanings of the crystals listed below.


About this set

I love this little grouping of yellow and gold lovelies to clear and support the energies of the solar plexus chakra. They can also help lift your vibration and help protect you from lower-level negative energies!

These are great for meditation, Reiki practice, on your altar space or just to hang out in your environment and admire. They’re also great for using when making temporary crystal grids, either in combination or choosing one as a focal stone.

You will receive

This collection includes

  1. 1 tumbled and untreated citrine.
    * If you are not familiar with citrine, you will commonly see the bright yellow or amber crystals. This means that they have been heat-treated to alter their chemical makeup. Those are still valuable crystal allies, however I choose to use the pricier and better quality untreated citrine. I want you to have the best quality, plus I find their energy more focused and available.
  2. 1 tumbled rose quartz
  3. 1 tumbled clear crystal quartz
  4. 1 tumbled Healerite a.k.a. serpentine
  5. 2 tumbled deep purple amethyst nuggets
  6. natural thick and soft jute bag
  7. a description card of the metaphysical aspects of each stone / crystal

*NOTE – these are natural crystals and as such, please expect indentations, chips and not always smooth surfaces that make up their natural beauty! As every crystal is different, yours may vary slightly from those in the photo. Please ask for additional photos before ordering so your are happy with your purchase*

another little tip:
Citrine, amethyst and certain types of rose quartz are all photosensitive crystals. This means that direct or prolonged exposure in sunlight will eventually fade their intensity, So don’t charge/clear them in direct sunlight.

Metaphysical Properties

The best meditation crystal as it enhances and focuses a calm state and more relaxed state of being. It can quiet the mind and create a sense of comforting energy. One of the best crystals to ease high anxiety and panic attacks.

A versatile crystal known as the power, protection and wisdom stone. Similarly to other types of quartz, amethyst has the ability to focus energy and is very useful for healers and spiritual practitioners. Calming and soothing stone, known to bring on pleasant dreams. Use for releasing and healing negative energy in the home. Amethyst enhances spiritual awareness and spiritual wisdom, promoting a higher state of consciousness.While it is not typically thought for crystals for prosperity, amethyst is beneficial when dealing with money related problems, as it brings prosperity and abundance.

February Birthstone | Crown, Third Eye Chakra | Aquarius, Capricorn, Pisces, Virgo | Vibrational Number 3

Known for alignment with success, abundance and manifestation abilities, Citrine is also one of the most valuable healing stones. It can help with the focus and intent of sacral and solar plexus chakra energy. It is also good for clearing negative energies from the auric field and any environment its placed in.
The majority of citrine on the market has been he treated and produces beautiful tones of deep and amber. Naturally occurring and untreated citrine tends to be pale orange, yellow ranging to almost clear. Citrine is a photosensitive crystal and it is advised to keep it out of direct sunlight when in use. Charge in moonlight instead of sunlight.

Fire element. Sacral/Solar Plexus Archangel Elemiah. Aries/Gemini/Leo/Libra. Vibrational number 6

Known as the stone of the mind, crystal quartz can enhance and focus the vibrational qualities of others stones and metals around it. It can also do the same for energy and thought and is used frequently for purification and the amplification of intention. Clearing, cleansing and healing are also common uses.
Storm element. All chakras. All Angels. All astrological signs. Vibrational number 4

SERPENTINE aka Healerite
It is a healing stone of the highest order – on the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual planes. It has a unique ability to work on what the individual needs most. Helping to clear out and release blockages within the auric bodies and the chakras. Specifically with intent it is a stone of assisting the flow Kundalini energies.

Can be used for manifestation work bringing abundance on all levels as it assists in alignment of Solar Plexus and Heart Chakras with your intent with Source. Healerite resonates to the higher dimensional frequencies of love and healing and with Nature’s Spirits to aid one in connecting to Mother Earth and helping to heal her.

The quintessential stone of love. Most in touch with Divine feminine and the great mother Gaia, allowing one to link their heart to the earth and the universe. Joy, calm and cleansing of the auric field and emotions. Allowing for self-love, and the love of others.

All materials used have been cleansed and neutralized with sacred intention. Be it with water, sage, salt, prayer or alignment with spirit. They come to you charged and ready to help you with their energetic healing mission!

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