How Setting Boundaries will Boost Your Biz

Download your FREE Worksheet to Define your Boundaries and Boost Your Biz! 3 Essential Boundaries to Boost Your Business How exciting would it be to take the same concepts of balance and wellness you're already using in your spiritual or healing practice, then apply...

7 CHAKRAS, A Beginners Guide for Healers and Empaths

7 Chakras, A Beginners Guide for healers and empaths. I’ve created this Beginners Guide to Chakras to talk about the 7 most well known chakras. You can use this information to feel better in every day life yourself. Or as a guide / refresher when working with energy healing in your practice, with family or friends.

3 Easy Tips to Get Grounded

Alrighty, let's make this happen! Got my favourite drink?   Check. To do list?   Check. Gonna get all that backed up work done tonight and wow, I'm so on top of things this week! But Wait a sec! Did I have a report due today? Uh-oh, I think I may of left the...

Hi! I’m Tanya

I support sensitive, strong empathic women with mentorship and coaching. Get clear on your intuitive and empathic gifts and use them to your advantage for improved business and relationships!

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