Ready to embrace who you really are as a sensitive and empath in your business?

Learning to connect with yourself and your clients in a deep, meaningful way is something you arlready know how to do intutitvely. It may just be time for a little guidance to help you remember.

If you feel ready to let go of your old patterns and blocks of overcompensating or shutting down, of not understanding your gifts and how to use them in biz or getting overwhelmed and burnt out, then you’re in the right place.

You love your clients and you are great at what you do! Now its time to trust your natural gifts and shine with that focused, clear energy that comes with confident self love!

Hi I'm Tanya!

A multi-faceted healer, mentor and coach here to help you get clear on + trust your sensitive and empathic gifts. Get confident to use your natural intuitive abilities to your advantage in your business and relationships!

Hi! I’m Tanya.

Multifaceted energetic healer and down-to-earth spiritual guide for Lightworkers. Helping you Work Your Woo, to get your wellness or spiritual biz booming!

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