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Download the FREE Worksheet to Define your boundaries and increase your business!

Download your FREE Worksheet to Define your Boundaries and Boost Your Biz!

3 Essential Boundaries to Boost Your Business

How exciting would it be to take the same concepts of balance and wellness you’re already using in your spiritual or healing practice, then apply them in your own life to create the thriving business you’ve always wanted?

It’s easy!   You do it by intentionally setting 3 types of boundaries:

  1.  Energetic Boundaries
  2.  Emotional Boundaries
  3.  Financial Boundaries

Create a thriving business by setting 3 essential boundaries! Its easy and you can download the free worksheet to make it happen today!


How to Define your Energetic Boundaries and Boost Your Biz

As an energy worker, healer or empath, you are very aware of the subtle energies that comprise our being. Many of you work with clients on a daily basis helping them to renew and restore their energies to be their very best. But before we talk about them, I want you to take a moment and define the most valuable asset in your business.

Okay, you got it?

Now, what if I told you that YOU are the most important thing that you have to offer to your clients and customers. I mean, without you there would be no practice and no business. Regardless of what you do or offer, your customers and clientele are coming to you because of you. Your vitality. Your skills. Your energy!

Doesn’t it make sense to define and protect the most valuable resource you have ?

Setting boundaries will help you do just that – and the great news? It doesn’t have to be a long and drawn out process! Seriously, don’t we already have enough on our plates? Ha ha.

So here’s a method to make it happen in a simple way.

Start by grabbing a pen and paper or print out the free worksheet. Then sit in a quiet place and reflect on your products and services. On your paper make 3 columns: positive, neutral, negative.

Next, think about that place inside that feels good when you are being of service or doing what you love the most. It’s that satisfied emotion you get when there is a reciprocal energy exchange between your and your client / customer. Make a note under the Positive or Neutral columns about times you have experienced this scenario in your business. It can be as detailed as you wish or a simple bullet point list.

Now let’s do the complete opposite.
We all have a tipping point where we start to feel tired, have negative emotions come up or just don’t want to go forward with a session or sale. You may experience this as frustration, resentments, impatience or even anger. Imagine a scenario in your practice or business where this has happened before and note that in the Negative column.

As you do this exercise you are going to experience an energetic and emotional shift. It may be smooth sailing or little choppy, but the key is to allow yourself to feel what ever emotions come up. Don’t judge them, don’t be hard on yourself or others. Instead, note what’s happening and move on to the next feeling.

When you intutitively feel done, look back at your notes and see if you can find pinpoint that place in your mind where your energy started to shift from fulfilling your heartspace to a neutral or negative space. Or points where your mind took over your heart and you didnt feel good anymore.

Even though its challenging, think about that scenario, person, place or thing. Allow yourself to sit in that energy for a moment and make a note of it.

This is the point where you need to put up a boundary! And once you do that, you will help prevent repeating what’s in the negative column from happening again.


How to Set an Energetic Boundary

Once you have cleary defined where your tipping points are, its time to put your actual boundaries in place.

If you’re familiar with this process then use any ritual, practice, shield, reminder or energetic signature you like to create your boundary with your “tipping point” in mind. Remember, this is the place where your energy shifts from positive to negative emotion. Once you’ve identified it, you can catch these occurrences in the future and decide how how you want to proceed. When your tipping point situation, person or place is next encountered, you will be informed enough to know that it is time to stop what you are doing, or alter your behaviour/interaction so that your energy remains intact and protected.

If you haven’t set this type of boundary before then first and foremost you need to have an understanding that there is a fine line between being fulfilled and excited in your practice versus feeling drained, overwhelmed or resistant. And don’t kid yourself, this is not one of those fake it till you make it situations. Your customers and clients can feel that energy shift in you! So you are doing this for them as well as yourself.

It’s very likely that you already know what type of boundary works for you. Be it a physical or intuitive reminder, a code of ethics, your energetic contract or boundaries you intentionally defined and follow. For example, knowing when a healing session is complete. One person might use a timer/clock/alarm whereas another may intuitively know when the client is finished. Another example is customer service with a difficult client where a practitioner may refer them on to someone with energy that suits them both in a better way and another may work with them because they are energetically able to “roll with it” as their personal boundaries are intact and letting them be comfortable. The trick is to go with your strengths and use something that is familiar and comfortable.

So now you know where your personal line between comfort and discomfort lies. You know what type of reminder will work for you. What you need to do now is consciously set your boundary with the intention that it is in place for the highest good of all. And that’s it.

If it doenst feel like enough, formalize it in writing, create a ritual you repeat every time like saying a mantra or taking a big breath and grounding, or remininding yourself in the moment that you have the choice how to handle the situation that is challenging you.

Like most things in life, the hardest work is simply recognizing what it is that we need. The rest is a cakewalk!
So let’s move on to the 2nd type of boundary.

YOU are the most important asset in your business! Read more at


3 Really Important Reasons to Set Emotional Boundaries

As empaths, energy healer’s, intuitive’s, sensitives, HSPs and lightworkers, you are probably pretty familiar with emotional boundaries already! But have you clearly defined where you are comfortable emotionally in your business dealings and with your clientele?

There are 3 reasons you should create emotional boundaries
1.   It prevents you from bringing your own ego/issues into your healing space and to another individual
2.   Having intact emotional boundaries will make you stronger and attract the type of clients / work that will make you most fulfilled
3.   (this one is especially for my fellow HSPs and empaths) You are less likely to take on the vibration, energy or emotions of the people you deal with in your business – whether they are clientele or not

Natrurally there are different levels of familiarity between practitioners and their clients/customers depending on the type of work that you do. For instance a crystal reseller will have a different emotional interaction than counsellor, EFT or energy healing practitioner.

But don’t forget that there’s other people besides clientielle that we deal with in our business. What about vendors, landlords, financial institutions and the like? Have you considered what your emotional and comfort zone boundaries are like with them?

Get clear on what is okay and not okay behaviours and interactions with different types of people.

Sometimes even the act of identifying this will automatically set the boundary for you. If you need something more concrete then use whatever method feels most comfortable. Write it, speak it, note it, meditate. The point as always is to be sure you are using your conscious intention to set a boundary around whats acceptable for you and what isn’t.


How to Set Financial Boundaries

Did you know there was such a thing? Well I can tell you from experience both in my practice and as a client that having a clear, defined space in which to conduct your business/energy exchange is essential. Without it, it is a Pandora’s box of misunderstandings, hard feelings and resentment waiting to happen!

Personally I feel this is one of the largest challenges facing practitioners today. Many of us have spent lifetimes trying to overcome issues of self worth or “lack consciousness” when it comes to finances. So how fortunate we are to be living in a time where we can shift that mindset once and for all? In setting a clear financial boundary you are serving your client/customer AND yourself.

Whether you are accepting cash, credit, barter or some combination thereof, you need to be clear upfront and have your agreements in writing. When financial boundaries are defined and in place both you and your client/customer know from the beginning where you stand and what is acceptable. Depending on your biz, you may never need to refer to it again, but you are creating an energetic contract and this will give you a reference point. Share what is relevant to the situation and your business only and get it down on paper.

This leaves you clear, confident and stress-free around finances. And how awesome is that?

Feeling good brings you more business

Sometimes all we need is to take a moment for ourselves, put pen to paper and get clear on what works to make us thrive.

When it comes to business, having boundaries around what is acceptable for you energetically, emotionally and financially can make all the difference in your success. This way you have the freedom to operate in a business that is heart centred AND reciprocal in its energy exchange. You will feel great about the work that you are doing and that will translate to your clients and customers. And happy customers are more than likely to refer even more business your way because they are so satisfied.


So now Id love to hear from you!


Are you already using boundaries in your biz? Whats working for you?
Have a tip on setting boundaries you want to share?


3 essential boundaries to increase your spiritual business.
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