6 Steps to Anxiety relief

How to Deal with Stress as an Empath

I am writing this to you on the tail of a commet.
No, seriously! The last 2 weeks have been situated between 2 eclipses, a very close comet fly by and depending on your geography – a myriad of micro earthquakes. Talk about getting walloped with some cosmic energy, phew!

In times like this life gets very intense. Exciting but also challenging. And I can share that I for one did not fare so well with the energies. I ended up getting so consumed by the work that I love that I totally forgot to take care of myself. And I have the feeling you can relate with that.

When I finally remembered how easy the steps were to take care of myself, my anxiety and stress disapeared. It was like a steam valve letting go and I want you to have that sense of relief as well. So out of my tough experience comes 6 ways to anxiety relief – how to deal with stress as a lightworker.

A diamond is just a piece of coal that handled stress really well.
And I ain’t no diamond

Eclipses and full moons are all about releasing the old and what no longer serves us, so I suppose that’s why I ended up slipping back into old habits and dealing with some very old emotional patterns. As an aware intuitive and empath, Im no longer confused or ashamed by my sensitivites. But that still doesnt make me the best cope-er with stress. And this month, boy did it catch up with me!

Here I was excitedly writing and teaching others how to take care of themselves . . . that I got so caught up, I forgot to do the same for myself! That combined with environmental stressors (seriously, who can work when you have construction literally over your head, LOL) and a health scare with my beloved feline Matir were the perfect recipe for anxiety.

My body’s natural schedule was disrupted, I wasn’t sleeping, my carbs and sugar intake went way up as a way to ‘deal’ (a little insider tip: it sooo doenst work) and because of all of this, my emotions were getting the best of me. I found myself woking harder and longer to get the same amount done because I couldnt concentrate and my impatience was at a whole new level.

So what do we do when we are stressed out, overwhelmed and feel like one more thing might just make us snap ?

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1.  First off- get conscious!

This is is going to sound strange, but the truth is many of us walk through our life unconscious of what we are doing. Yup, even those of us who are spiritually minded are often unaware of how we are feeling. A great technique that I started using was setting up daily check ins. Whether that is before meditating, or at set times throughout the day – I could check in with myself and see where my energy was at.

Not only does this bring you into your body and get you grounded, it also gives you a baseline for your own mental and emotional health. For my fellow empaths, you’ll find this essential in helping you navigate your energy throughout the day.

2.  Get Grounded. Release the pressure!  

There are so many techniques that you can do but my favourite is to take a deep breath while you squinch up and tighten every. single. muscle. in your body! Hold it for 2 seconds and then let it go with a big whoosh!! Feel all that stress, fatigue and anxiety just fly out the window or down into the ground.

And if you are as wound up as I’ve been the past few weeks, don’t worry if it takes 2 to 3 times before you feel a difference.

3.  Take breaks. It’s okay to stop.

Take a break baby. The world won’t end if you get up and grab yourself a tea.

4.  Be kind to yourself and tell that inner critic to just shush it!

You know what I’m talking about. When you hear that inner voice, take a break from what you’re doing and move around or change what you were thinking about. Grab a crystal or your favourite beverage and relax.

5.  Mind shift.

Change your vibration! You have the power to control your mind, so put yourself in a mental situation where you feel uplifted. Imagine a time where you felt wonderful or think of a beloved person place or animal companion. Let the feelings wash over you and any sounds, smells, textures or visuals. The more you get into it, the faster that positive energy will take hold.

Take it from someone who got so wrapped up in her own stress that she couldn’t even sleep; I get how challenging this can be when the pressures on! So what really worked for me was creating a ritual where I spend 5 minutes doing this every day before meditating. If 5 feels like too much, do 2. Even if you don’t feel like it that day it will really make a difference.

6.  Anxiety comes and goes.

This last step is probably the hardest but also the most important. Accecpting that stressors and anxiety are part of life is a really important step in being able to handle it. Ultimately, you are responsible for taking care of you. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks because they aren’t in your body and feeling your emotions. So create that space and honour your feelings.

Do what you love. But don’t forget to love you too!

From a higher perspective, these wonderful times are allowing us to finally connect with our heart energy to do the work that we love. And that’s great, right?

Yet one of the pitfalls is being so in love with your work is that you put everything into it. And oh how easy it is to forget to take time for yourself. Perhaps it’s because many of us are transitioning from one way of working to another and finally have the freedom to do as we like? Or perhaps it’s because when you are actually doing what you love you are in the moment and time seems to disappear. You know that feeling where you look up, see the clock and can’t believe where the time went?

Whatever the reason, it is more important than ever to check in with yourself and be sure you aren’t overdoing it – no matter how good your motives are. The world is full of intense energy as we join with the changemakers to lift the vibration of each other and the planet. And its likely not going to change soon. But remember that you are here and you’ve been able to handle everything thrown at you so far!

Once you’re consciously aware of yourself and understand that anxiety comes and goes, you are in possession of wonderful gift! You now have the upper hand in deciding how you want to deal with it.

So now Id love to hear from you!


  • Do you have a self care routine to deal with stress and anxiety and if not, what is your biggest hurdle in making that happen?
  • Did I miss your favourite way to calm down anxiety or soothe stress?


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