Ah Facebook! Whether you use it to market & promote your business, connect with friends, build community or share your amazing message, there’s no denying that its ingratiated its way into how we communicate online. Yet as a sensitive and empath, have you ever taken a moment to think about how YOU interact with it?

I can tell you as a longtime user it wasn’t too far back when I would just dive in and spend hours clueless to the fact that I had options in what I saw or how I used this platform. Afterwards I would feel exhausted, overwhelmed, anxious and sometimes downright flooded with negative emotions from some of the content. And more challenging for me as someone who educates others about self-care, was that when I finally figured it out . . . I realized I knew better. *ouch*

But it is the subtlety and allure of ever changing social media that keeps us going back for more without question. It’s no secret that Facebook thrives on patterns and algorithms. And that social media in general is specifically designed to flood your body with happy town endorphins every time you get notifications or hear that little “ping” coming from your cell phone. You brain just can’t help it! It be like “Mr. dopamine, I missed you babe!”.

If you don’t take time to be self-aware and put boundaries around what you are viewing, you are pretty much exposing yourself to a minefield full of overwhelming energy! So I figured it was about time I take my own knowledge and experience of making it work for me as a sensitive and empath, create a Facebook Guide and share it with you.

This is the first in a 6 part series and I invite you to comment below, share your experiences, ask for tips or start a conversation. As empaths we thrive on uplifting connections, so reach out and create the space to interact!

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The Empaths Essential Guide to Using Facebook


Isn’t it always the simple things that trip us up? Ha ha
If you’re an intuitive, sensitive or empath you’re probably already aware of your energy and that you need to take care of yourself in order to function. Buuut, are you taking time to be energetically mindful before you go and log into your Facebook account?

Let’s face it, it’s Facebook! It’s so easy to Just. Not. Think about it.


But you know sensitive soul, that just because you’re not in front of somebody in the physical 3-D, doesn’t mean you’re not getting exposed to their energy.

Facebook can be lots of fun, educational, entertaining and a great platform to promote yourself. But there’s a flipside as well. Because it’s open source, users can pretty much post whatever content they like (within reason of course, but still it’s a pretty wide berth).

And while the average person might be annoyed, offended or even disgusted, they’re not going to be overwhelmed by negative energy. Now will they likely take on the essence of some of the very low-vibey content and videos that are out there. They aren’t going to need time afterwards to recuperate, clear their mind or get grounded again. But you will.

As a sensitive person, it’s important to know that even if the original poster is trying to educate, expose or gather help for their cause, their content, images and videos can still transmit incredibly low vibrations.

That is why it is vital for you to know what your limits are. To know your boundaries around what is acceptable to YOU for viewing and what isn’t. What types of posts you’ll read, comment on and engage with. Which groups you’re going to belong to and how you yourself are going to broadcast content. Because all of it comes back to your energy. And knowing this, gives you the power to choose.

So lovely, are you ready to be aware of what energy you’re going to put out & bring in?


How to make using Facebook energetically easier on yourself !

1. Assess Your Energy
Know where your energy is before you even log on.
How about using an ENERGETIC CHECK IN for self-awareness and boundary setting. These are easy to do throughout the day to get a baseline on where your energy is at. Think about how valuable it will be to you to know how you are feeling before you log in, compared to how you feel afterwards.

2. Set Your Intention
Be clear on what is okay for you, and what is not.
Ask yourself: what do I want to get out of Facebook today? Make it simple. Like you want a little entertainment or connection with community. Or maybe you want to post some writing or do a FB Live to promote yourself or help your clients. Regardless of what you’re doing, setting your intention for what you want to get from FB before you ever jump on, is really going to help mitigate any feelings of overwhelm!

3. Lift Yourself Up (a.k.a. Shielding)
Before you even turn on your computer, log in your phone or look over someone’s shoulder in a coffee shop make sure you are energetically shielded.

The easiest way to do this is by concentrating on the positives of what you want to achieve. This actually creates a natural shielding as your shift in awareness lifts your vibration into a positive mindset and will start to attract more positive energy to you (go-go LOA!). As opposed to putting out lots of your own energy thinking about protecting yourself. And speaking of, have you ever noticed the more that you start focusing on the whole protection vibe, the more you start to feel like you need it?

Basically you are telling the universe to bring you something you need protecting from! So why do that? Make things easier on yourself and focus on the good stuff.

And hey, if all else fails just imagine the silliness of a spider on roller skates a.k.a. Bogart busting Harry Potter style.

If you need a little help figuring out your boundaries, have a read here and don’t forget to download the worksheets. And if some 1:1 attention and support suits you better, book a Better Boundaries session and let’s make it work for you.

Ready for the next instalment in this series? Click here to go to Part 2 BEING SELECTIVE to find the perfect Facebook Content for you.


So now Id love to hear from you!

  • Have you ever taken a moment before jumping on Facebook to think about your boundaries?
  • Now that you know how to protect your energy before getting online, are you going to try it?


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Hi! I’m Tanya Kucey, DCH

Its my calling and passion to inspire and support you in life as a senstive soul, empath and highly sensitive person.

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  1. Narelle

    Great information Tanya – very generous share 🙂

    • Tanya Kucey

      Glad you enjoyed it Narelle. Let me know if you try it out and how it works for you.


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